Shy Violet

Singing Act: "Old Fashioned Love Story"

Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find a companion especially when you're looking in all the wrong places. Well this gal is not about to give up, she'll write her own happy ending!


Singing Act: "Mein Herr"

It's not an easy job being the Grim Reaper, but sometimes DEATH is the best girl to bring to the party.

Broadway Baby

"Gonna Get Over You"

The horrible feeling of loss when someone leaves you is the WORST, but you have to remember to pick yourself up and be the person you intend to be.

Another Audition

Singing Act: "Climbing Uphill"

A few years ago Queenie was a struggling actress going to audition after audition, this act is a flashback to her thespian days filled with failing optimism.

Black Widow

Singing Act: "Bring On The Men"

This seemingly harmless little black spider is about to show you all her womanly tricks to entice and ensnare your lover!

Grin and Bare It

Singing Act: "Grin and Bare It"

A very tired stripper is on her last gig before heading home and she is down for the count. There is no more fuel in that engine and she's gonna need a lot of help to get moving.

Everybody's Girl

Singing Act: "Everybody's Girl"

Him, her, them, this woman isn't picky and she'll show you exactly why she can't ever be tied down!

Pam Poovey

"Give It To Me Right"

Pam Poovey at her finest...booze, food, and a special puppet guest.

Big, Blonde, and Beautiful

Singing Act: "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful"

The anthem of all big beautiful women trying to take up their rightful space with a classic burlesque twist!


Singing Act: "Let it Go"

You'll never look at Disney the same way again! (pictured here as Mr. Freeze from Arkham Asylum)

Fractured Shakespeare: Ophelia

Singing Act: "If You Hadn't, But You Did"

A very distraught Shakespearean heroine has taken over Miss O'Hart to sing it to the masses of what REALLY happened on the bank of that river in Denmark. Follow this act along to find out how the "crazy" Ophelia narrowly escaped that nunnery for a life of glitter and sin!